“Designing and managing your IT infrastructure frameworks and services”

Cfinix Technology Consulting Services brings the experience and expertise to assist you to effectively coordinate IT infrastructure with your activities and enhance your business challenges.
We offer comprehensive solutions for all your IT equipment to assist you increase infrastructure accessibility and diminish IT complexity. We can design a managed infrastructure support solution that meets your business needs and assists you reduce the risk of downtime.



Redefine your IT infrastructure and strategy
We assess your current IT systems by conducting a GAP analysis and develop a high-level plan reflecting your long-term goals.

Network Management Services

Server management services
Data Centre Support
IT Security
Storage and Backup Solutions
Cloud Consulting

Envision new technologies
With the vastly changing and emerging technologies, we analyse how they can impact businesses and what market benefits they can bring. We will guide you to understand and implement the most prominent innovations and provide you with their analysis. All aspects of ROI and the relevant budget roadmaps will be provided by us.
Plan investment avenues
We will support you to achieve your business performance goals by effectively selecting and prioritising all new technology initiatives. We will scrutinize all your planned IT endeavours for their potential and ensure that the budgets within the timeframe are adequately met.
Develop a disaster recovery plan
With businesses being heavily reliant on IT systems, it’s imperative that an organization’s technology platform is secure and stable. With our experienced IT infrastructure team, we will assist you in creating a plan to assess and mitigate the possible threats to your system, identify and implement the applicable corrective measures.


Technology Consultancy is a field which focusses on advising organizations on how best to use technology services in achieving their business objectives.
Managed Network
Our services span across internet connectivity consulting and support services to managed network services in a multivendor, multi-technology environment.

Data Centre Support
Drive down cost by including components like computing, storage, database and network; and implementing new age technology and software application services.

Server Management
Concentrate on your business, while we help you in setting up initial server tasks, service monitoring, regular server maintenance, inspection, optimization and security.

Storage and Backup
Utilize our proactive services to ensure maintenance, management, retrieval and restoration of backup data for your computers, servers or any computing device.

Cloud Consulting
Improvise your IT cloud infrastructure with our Cloud Application Development, Cloud Hosting Services, Cloud Migration Services, Cloud Strategy and advisory services.

IT Security
Meet your changing business demands, without compromising security, whether on-site, off-premises, or on the cloud, by subscribing to our Managed Security services.