“Driving continuous quality of your software and services and enhancing your product’s usability”

At CFinix, we ensure your software is secure, reliable, scalable and delivers a seamless customer experience. We value our deep industry and technology understanding to thoroughly align to our clients’ business goals and focus on their ROI. We work with our clients to utilize outcome-driven engagement models leveraging SLAs and KPIs that focus on quality improvement.
Our experts will help you establish robust testing processes and increase product quality.



Deliver high quality software with effective testing services

We offer a bulk of secure testing abilities such as test management, functionality, security, compatibility, configuration and load testing to improve and stabilize your software applications ensuring reduced cost.

Functional testing
Application Security testing
Compatibility testing
Configuration testing
Load testing

Speed up your product’s time to market
We help you reduce rework and accelerate your product’s delivery timeline with judicious focus on quality. Performance testing and automation testing services provided by us in this regard will minimise the quality issues that can slow down your delivery process. Our Automation testing services radically cuts costs, reduce time to market, optimize development workflows, and dramatically improve end-product quality.
Accelerate your business by scaling up
Scaling is a high-risk step to an extent. But continuous quality assurance will help you reduce the snags, quickly acclimatize to the changing customer needs and avoid risks while scaling your business for growth. Independent testing and automation testing services will enable us to address this.
Attain your customer’s quality expectations
We ensure that your products or applications are launched smoothly, and your customers receive a robust and ready to use product with seamless experience.


Software testing techniques include the process of executing an application with the intent of finding software bugs and verifying that the software product is fit for use. We provide the following comprehensive testing methods.
Performance Testing
Utilize our performance testing services to check your product’s processing speed, data transfer rate, network bandwidth, throughput, workload efficiency and reliability.

Automation Testing
Improvise and accelerate ahead with our automation testing services to reduce cost, time, increase the test execution speed resulting in faster delivery of your product.

Security Testing
Safeguard the security of applications, websites, and other digital products from hackers, information leaks and vulnerabilities with our software security services.

Mobile App Testing
Ensure that your mobiles apps are functional, usable and consistent with business requirements using our cloud based testing and stay ahead of your competitors.

Web App Testing
Verify that your website’s responsiveness, look and flow, grammar, spelling and related links are accurate by subscribing to our robust web app testing services.

API Testing
Enhance your software’s testing capability by exposing potential security flaws in an applicationearlier in the development process by using out API testing services.