“Drive ahead further, faster with CFinix experienced support model”

Distinctive, pre-emptive and always up!
Cover all your products with comprehensive support to get the most enhanced value from your technology investment.
CFinix provides robust, multi-tier, reliable, effective and efficient Technical Support Services. We focus on maintaining and enhancing all your products or platforms to empower the end user experience that is critical for your business with maximum uptime.



Experienced team

We have extensive experience in providing support and maintenance services for all your technologies. Our certified and experienced consultants follow industry-accepted best practices to deliver true value to your business, rather than just providing auxiliary support services.

Enhanced support
Our in depth and technology-specific support helps solve the most unique and complex IT challenges and is designed to ensure full optimisation and maximum uptime. We provide customizable and flexible hardware support services for your hardware by delivering timely problem resolution through a single point of contact.
24X7 support
Our expert and skilled consultants focus on the core concepts of IT Service management, incident and problem management, are structured to fit your schedule and provide 24×7 operational support. We care for quality over quantity and use analytical approach to drive change and use data to support our assertions. We leave no stones unturned in figure out what’s really going on.
Proactive Approach
Ever worried about those niggling issues that creep up in your products causing persistent annoyance. Well, that’s a thing of the past since CFinix proactive client support model catches those issues before they grow into these big, impossible problems to overcome client pain points. Allow us to amplify your potential to automate, modernize and transform enterprise-wide processes, to deliver smart, intuitive experiences for your employees and clients. With proactive maintenance we can stop incidents before they occur.


Our Support serviceengineers are dedicated to assisting you throughout any difficulties you might face while using the software.
Application Support
We diagnose and address potential application issues before they become problems and have a thorough working knowledge of IT Hardware and Software.

Product Support
With our technical knowledge, we evaluate and ensure that customer suggestions are taken into consideration and product revisions are suggested.

Help Desk Services
We provide 24 X 7 direct call / chat /email support and technical assistance for incoming issues related to computer systems, software, and hardware.

Service Operations
Our ITIL certified team members ensure a systematic approach towards fulfillment of services through IT service management best practices.

Database Services
We have the ability to provide all database services like administration, proactive monitoring, optimization, security, backup and recovery.

Product Features
With our experience and knowledge in the latest software technology, we offer value added features and advanced analytics to your products.